Mar 21, 2016

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Contemporary Marketing

contemporary m,arketingDevelopment keeps carrying us from one level of change to another and it seems like there’s no end. Those who fail to learn new ways are bound to suffer and pay a very heavy price. To be on the advantageous platform of productivity, it is a smart move to get your business online. Followed by mastering digital marketing and making the most of search engine optimisation (SEO) for your business.
Digital marketing is a complex but very rewarding task that cannot be undermined. It consists of targeted marketing, measurable and interactive marketing of products or services with the usage of digital technologies to reach and woo customers. Getting customers is good, but retaining them is what makes the difference. This is where the need for a digital marketing agency comes in. A digital marketing agency is here to help you out. We possess the know-how. We know how to keep customers within your interactive range and cause them to buy. Customers are always searching the internet; we take advantage of this and pick the right strategic position to get the attention it deserves. A digital agency influences customers through automated content which is carefully designed to persuade them to choose your product. Other important aspects is we expose your business to campaign marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimisation, e-mail direct marketing and lots more. Using SEO will elevate your company in to the realms of aggressive advertising which indeed is what every lucrative business needs to maintain its status in this age of sudden change. Digital Marketing by Cubi will provide you a firm position in the digital media industry that flis now so popular. The mobile world is the spot where searches are spontaneous, good to know that our service tunes your business to be consumer centric, as such you will equally benefit the refined feedback to know how to tailor your business to suit different markets, communities, and regions.

With all said above, it is good to throw more lights on the importance of SEO. It makes available rich and qualitative information about your business to customers 24/7 and beyond your sphere of influence. It helps you establish a good relationship with your customers as regular content motivates sales. Positive interaction with customers raises your credibility as a website. These services that search engines render are free, and much more effective. People love to be seen as important personalities, SEO helps you accomplish this in your business. This helps to deeper and widens your sphere of influence. Digital Agency will do all these while managing a balance in the complex consumer relationship which is continuously expanding on numerous channels. Our presence in your business, gives you the ability to make a better decision faster. We all can imagine the benefit that follows when you make the right decision faster in this age where speed cannot be ignored. So don’t let your business fall behind.

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Feb 10, 2016

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Improving Business through SEO

20131120-linda-pic-3-successful-business-strategies-2Businesses in Sheffield should definitely start investing in Freelance SEO & affliate marketing as soon as they can. Even with the lack of organic keyword data and traffic, it still possess great advantages especially for small businesses. Start getting interested about it before your competitors do!
Effective Business Website.
After successfully creating and publishing your business’s website, the next object is making it better, faster and more user-friendly for online visitors. SEO does the job for you. It doesn’t just focus on search engines but also online users. When you receive good feedback, search engines will be happy to move your site up in their search links. There are a lot of effective methods for both short-term and long-term improvements for your business website.
Growth of New Costumers.
The main reason you put up a website for your business is to attract more customers and have a solid customer base. Websites do increase a business’s custumers but SEO improves the traffic. SEO will help you get more visitors and hopefully more interested customers.
Find New Markets.
The internet may not be the only fast increasing markets in today’s world economy but it sure is one of the top. If your SEO advertising is successful, business owners like you can explore to new markets and new economies. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google + can aid your website’s traffic go higher by improving your SEO production.
Brand knowledge using better lists.
Not all business owners know that being on top of several search engine results pages will provide them with knowledge about the brand. Viewers think that lists on the first page are the most reliable compared to other brands who don’t have internet credibility. If you currently own a small business, this is a good way to invest in Search Engine Optimisation and earn top rankings for terms complementing your starting business.
You are open 24/7.
Compared to just a business location that has a closing time, getting organic traffic online means you are open 24 hours a day. Even you’re closed, customers can still look through your website and purchase items you sell online.
It works and it will keep working.
The methods constantly made to improve SEO still work and will keep working. Search engines are continuously developing which makes it impossible for SEO to decay.
There are also a number of benefits of choosing local SEO agencies. First is having a target market focus. Compared to generic SEO services Freelance SEO Sheffield targets your businesses locality. This means that you will not be competing with big companies who don’t even provide services on the same area. Not only that, customers don’t just directly visit google for a business, they also look at online directory listings which will give you a higher ranking if you are using Freelance SEO Sheffield. Both generic and local SEO agencies charge you with flat rates. But when it comes to the effectivity, local SEO agencies can do better at social media sharing, targeting particular market addresses and directory listing. You will be ensured your investment for SEO will return twice as much.

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Jan 9, 2016

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Building your Business Brand

marketing-branding-advertisingThe image invoked in most people’s minds by the term brand is the company logo or even slogan, both of which have been made by famous by various multinational corporations. Logos for companies like Apple, LG, Peugeot, Coca-Cola and the NBA are easily recognisable around the world while slogans such as Nokia’s “Connecting People”, L’Oreal’s “Because You’re Worth It” and McDonald’s “I’m Lovin It” have managed to remain relevant years after they were launched. However, a company’s brand goes beyond just the logo and slogan that identifies it and includes the personality of the business and how this is perceived by its clients as well as how it shapes the client’s experience with the company. In short, your company’s brand is its products or services, staff, culture and traditions, advertising and ranking.

All these factors will come into play when choosing a branding design in order to create a strong brand image for your company whether big or small. The benefits that of strong branding cannot be understated as a brand can help give your business an advantage over your competitors so if you are looking to start up a business get help with your branding here: The biggest illustration of this is the Coca-Cola/Pepsi war. When people are given samples of both without knowing which is which, Pepsi is favoured for being better tasting but when asked to choose between the two, Coke always wins out because it provides better customer experience and almost everyone connects with it. Making the right choice for your branding design will not only promote recognition but also set you apart from your competition and it is important to remember, you cannot compete where you do not compare. Other benefits include generating referrals and keeping your company alive in people’s memories, motivating your staff and keeping you focused, showcases your values which lets customers know what to expect from you and basically acting as a backdrop for your company.

When choosing a branding design it is important to consider your business values and ensuring that they are delivered every time to avoid sullying your brand and ensuring that your design reinforces this. The design should capture the company’s values and unique features which may be included in the slogan. For example, McDonald’s slogan “I’m Lovin It” focuses on the great taste of its products and yours should help highlight the best features of your company. If your design includes an icon, it should also reflect the values you hold dear while the colors used should elicit an emotional response that people can connect with your company. Coca-Cola’s red reflects passion, Nokia’s blue is calming and promotes trust in the company while Mozilla’s orange and blue showcases fun, friendliness and trust. The brand color you choose should therefore help reinforce your company’s attributes and be an intrinsic marketing tool. The typeface is also important as it can look casual, friendly, modern or eclectic and be a large part of how people perceive your product

Since all this can be time-consuming to do in-house, investing in a digital design agency becomes a godsend as they have the experience, resources and up-to-date information on the industry which makes them effective and frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business. If you’re interested in investing or franchising, Franchise Info are a great recommendation of ours. They also have the motivation to succeed as helping you succeed makes them look good.

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Dec 21, 2015

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Avoid Committing These 4 SEO Mistakes

No doubt that SEO can do wonders with your website and bring you the fruitful results you’re hoping to see. But what if you’re doing it the wrong way and face disappointment for not getting any positive results? SEO is just an art that you need to practice and practice again till you finally master it. And if you don’t, you may turn it against you and your campaign.

So read on and find if you’re making any of these SEO mistakes lately and change your work strategy on SEO section of your website.

Underestimating Google’s Analytics Tool:

As many people, new to SEO, perceive that getting traffic from search engine is enough by putting keyword focused content and that’s it. But you need to focus more on your SEO strategies. I mean, your website works like a radar that can be monitored and see what people like more and what is less popular among them.

How? Simply you can utilize Google’s Analytics to monitor activities on your website. This will allow you to separate popular section/services from less popular section on your website. And you can work accordingly and create future SEO strategies on these figures.

Missing On Using The Right Keywords:

There’s a misconception that using most searched keyword will serve you the best. This is not so true in case of business oriented websites. I mean, you’re not only intended on giving ‘free’ information about something but your basic objectives would be to gain more business and customers right?

So why are you focusing on keywords with broad search instead of searching those keywords that relate with your industry and can actually benefit you?

Going for globally searched keywords is not wrong but it will drive you more traffic instead of leads or new customers preaches Gareth, specialist local SEO consultant, his website: So they could be used to market your website a little bit but you need to make list of specific keywords. Use keywords that can actually benefit your business and are searched by people looking for your services.

Underestimating Local Audience Over Global:

Are you a local business or service? Then you need to focus more on local audience as compared to global audience. Yes! Because serving people near you will give you instant benefits and you should keep this thing in mind. Targeting global audience for a local business might increase more traffic on your business website but will not do any good to your business. So create content that could grab local people towards your business that could actually call you for inquiry or pay you a visit.

Failing To Produce Exceptional Content:

Are you producing well written content for link building purpose and still no positive results? Well a major reason for this could be that your well written content is not that exceptional. I mean, you need to produce content that people naturally love to link to. Use different approach over others in your industry. See what are current trends in your industry and point them out. This is a hint for producing an exceptional content but you need to see where your industry is moving and act accordingly.

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Dec 3, 2015

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How Important Is A Branding Experience For Your Company

brandWhen it comes to branding the main aim is to promote your company name or entity as opposed to just marketing a specific product or service. In reference to the your company’s entity there are so many ways to achieve this, however some strategies are more long term than others.

Creating a branding experience for potential customers is a great way to market your company and you can see results instantly. But what exactly is a branding experience? A branding experience refers to an event used to promote your company with the goal of persuading people to choose your company and services or product.

How can you achieve an effective branding experience? Since it is your logo that a person uses to recognise your company you should consider putting your logo on most items at your branding event. This will help to create a long lasting image of your company in the potential customer’s mind. Furthermore it goes without saying that you should promote your services as much as possible in a positive light in order to make your company seem experienced and exactly what they need.

Finally though you should concentrate your efforts into making your company look good you have to be careful not to over do it, since bombarding the guests with your company may leave a bitter taste. Once the event is over then just sit back and wait as the business rolls in, and ultimately once you have achieved good branding your services automatically become more valuable.

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Nov 30, 2015

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Events Management As A Marketing Method

Event-ManagmentThe marketing industry is no longer confined to strict marketing methods, in fact in order to successfully market your business whether you are a new start-up or an established business you need to follow and amalgamation of techniques that will surely skyrocket your companies business. One great way to market your business to new potential customers is through corporate events. Who said business has to be all work and no play?

A corporate event is a great way to get straight to your target audience. One of the most important parts of a business event is that you can inform the potential clients about the services that your company offers and exactly what your business can do for them. Through informing them in this way you can create a more personal relationship, which once they have converted will make business a lot easier.

Though the whole idea of a business event is to generate new clients it is important that you have other things to offer, as an event with just a speech is unlikely to create a great impact and you will be less likely to achieve your goal. It is a good idea to hire entertainment as well as provide food and drink for the guests. This way the guests can network of their own accord and feel like they are in control.

Holding a corporate event is vital for your businesses image and marketing scheme however in order to achieve the desired effect it is best to seek the services of events management companies London. A professional events management company will be able to provide a package deal based around the information you give them. This way your event can go completely to plan with minimal effort required from you. So it’s business as normal.

Finally once your event is over you are likely to generate conversions at a much faster pace, as your potential customers will not have any drawbacks due to their questions being answered at the event. The fact that at an event you can reach a vast audience in one go also saves you time and effort when it comes to other marketing techniques. So what are you waiting for?


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Nov 27, 2015

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Why Company Branding Matters In A Marketing Scheme

Idea Commercial Planning Marketing Brand Concept

The marketing industry is expanding at lightning speed and your options are entirely open when it comes to which avenue of marketing you would like to pick. However a marketing scheme is built around the idea of branding. Marketing is essentially the way in which you sell your services or product to a target audience but without establishing a solid brand for your company how are you expected to succeed.

Branding refers to the way that you build your company name. Essentially your company and your logo is a part of your branding. The aim of branding is to get your company recognised, mainly in the eyes of your target audience but if you can achieve branding on an international scale then you have hit the jackpot.

Many people wonder just how important branding actually is but the power of branding really demonstrates the effect that your company has. A clear example is Coca Cola who’s branding scheme is so strong that they in fact changed the colour of Father Christmas from green to red. Coca cola is a recognised man all across the globe, which of course means that they have the sales to match.

Branding on such a wide scale however is not so easily achieved. To get your company brand far you would need to seek the services of a professional branding company like the branding division London. They will have all the tricks under their sleeve to make sure that your brand is recognised. With the tricks of the trade under hand your business will go from local to skyrocketing in no time.



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